• Me.

    Heidi for Lance
  • Joe.

    Rock Star Joe
  • Our kid.

  • Our dog.

    Cubbie 4th of july Cubbie died Oct. 18, 2013. He was almost 9 years old.
  • Joe trying to sleep past 6 a.m. on a camping trip with our kid.

    Joe Hank Camping for Lance
  • Why Lance?

    Because the word blog sounds like something that comes out of a person's nose. This blog is named after my old friend Sarah's manifestation of a dreamy Wyoming cowboy named Lance.
  • About me

    I'm a journalist who spends my Mondays through Fridays writing other people's stories, a chronic procrastinator who needs structure. I once quit my job to write a book and like most writers, I made up excuses why I couldn't keep at it.

    My boyfriend fiancé husband Joe likes to sleep in late on the weekends, but since we have a kid now that happens less than he'd like.

    Before Henry, I used to spend my mornings browsing celebrity tabloid websites while our dog snored under the covers. Now I hide my computer in a spot my son can't reach because everything I own is now broken, stained or peed on.

    I created Lance in an attempt to better spend my free time. I thought it might jump start a second attempt at writing a novel.

    It hasn't. And my free time is gone.

    But I'm still here writing.

    I'm 26 27 28 29 30 31 and I've yet to get caught up in something else, which is kind of a big deal for a chronic procrastinator.

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    Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Archive for October, 2010

Flight 10.10.10

26 Oct 2010

| Flight 10-10-10 | I shot this footage Oct. 10, 2010 back home in Western New York as part of the One Day On Earth project. My father is the pilot. On this particular flight, he took us from Gowanda, N.Y., where he keeps his two-seater Cessna at a gravel pit that doubles as an [...]

Sweet arrival.

20 Oct 2010

Remember my friends Ricci and Mbaye? Well, they got married last year. And on Oct. 16, 2010 they had a baby doll girl named Amelia. Mimi for short. To learn more about Ricci’s West African adventures in pregnancy, read this post. MUCH LOVE & CONGRATS YOU TWO! Now move back to the states so I [...]

Kimberlee & Jonathan | October 9, 2010

16 Oct 2010

Western New York | The Quintessential Fall Wedding When my friend Kim asked me too shoot her wedding in our hometown, I was honored and thrilled. When she told me it was in October, I was even more thrilled. The fall in Western New York is breathtaking and Kim and Jon picked a date that [...]

The pitfalls of downhill roller skating

12 Oct 2010

The summer I turned 14, I went camping with my mother, my sisters, my friends June and Ann and their mother Wilma. It was a girls-only kind of weekend. The dads stayed home. We rented a cabin in the Pennsylvania woods, all of us girls, piled into one two-story bungalow. Within five minutes of driving [...]

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