• Me.

    Heidi for Lance
  • Joe.

    Rock Star Joe
  • Our kid.

  • Our dog.

    Cubbie 4th of july Cubbie died Oct. 18, 2013. He was almost 9 years old.
  • Joe trying to sleep past 6 a.m. on a camping trip with our kid.

    Joe Hank Camping for Lance
  • Why Lance?

    Because the word blog sounds like something that comes out of a person's nose. This blog is named after my old friend Sarah's manifestation of a dreamy Wyoming cowboy named Lance.
  • About me

    I'm a journalist who spends my Mondays through Fridays writing other people's stories, a chronic procrastinator who needs structure. I once quit my job to write a book and like most writers, I made up excuses why I couldn't keep at it.

    My boyfriend fiancé husband Joe likes to sleep in late on the weekends, but since we have a kid now that happens less than he'd like.

    Before Henry, I used to spend my mornings browsing celebrity tabloid websites while our dog snored under the covers. Now I hide my computer in a spot my son can't reach because everything I own is now broken, stained or peed on.

    I created Lance in an attempt to better spend my free time. I thought it might jump start a second attempt at writing a novel.

    It hasn't. And my free time is gone.

    But I'm still here writing.

    I'm 26 27 28 29 30 31 and I've yet to get caught up in something else, which is kind of a big deal for a chronic procrastinator.

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    Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Archive for August, 2011

Pregnancy Confession No. 10

19 Aug 2011

[I underestimated the 4th trimester.] I have a big, dumb confession to make. I (foolishly) thought I would write a screenplay on my maternity leave. I (foolishly) assumed not working would free up more time for writing. I figured I would spend my days in a glowy haze writing as Henry slept. I pictured myself [...]

Seven links

14 Aug 2011

Good morning! So I was tagged by Cynthia over at It All Changes in this Seven Links thing. It was sweet of her to choose me, so I’ll do my best to wade through years of writing to find posts that (in my humble opinion) fall under the following categories: ♥ Most beautiful post Ah! [...]

In the blogosphere

12 Aug 2011

Hey Lance-alots! Henry and I are featured today on the posh baby blog Stella & Henry. I’m not much into peddling baby products and/or baby cave decor, but when my friend and fellow blogger Meg (from the always-posh Mimi + Meg) asked me to share my “Mommy Faves,” these six items immediately came to mind. [...]

When words fail: a movie for my baby

11 Aug 2011

Writer’s block is a funny thing. Whenever I come down with an especially paralyzing case, I usually end up funneling creative juices into something else. In this case, I made a movie. (I also painted and redecorated our bedroom, but that was because I was inspired by how AWESOME the king’s lair, ie:  The Baby [...]

Captive audience

05 Aug 2011

OK. So I still haven’t written anything noteworthy on motherhood, or on ANYTHING for that matter. Mothering has obviously compromised my writing attention span. To make up for my lollygagging, I offer you this short video clip of the King watching his father on TV. Oh, and I’m not a TV watcher. When I met [...]

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