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    Heidi for Lance
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    Rock Star Joe
  • Our kid.

  • Our dog.

    Cubbie 4th of july Cubbie died Oct. 18, 2013. He was almost 9 years old.
  • Joe trying to sleep past 6 a.m. on a camping trip with our kid.

    Joe Hank Camping for Lance
  • Why Lance?

    Because the word blog sounds like something that comes out of a person's nose. This blog is named after my old friend Sarah's manifestation of a dreamy Wyoming cowboy named Lance.
  • About me

    I'm a journalist who spends my Mondays through Fridays writing other people's stories, a chronic procrastinator who needs structure. I once quit my job to write a book and like most writers, I made up excuses why I couldn't keep at it.

    My boyfriend fiancé husband Joe likes to sleep in late on the weekends, but since we have a kid now that happens less than he'd like.

    Before Henry, I used to spend my mornings browsing celebrity tabloid websites while our dog snored under the covers. Now I hide my computer in a spot my son can't reach because everything I own is now broken, stained or peed on.

    I created Lance in an attempt to better spend my free time. I thought it might jump start a second attempt at writing a novel.

    It hasn't. And my free time is gone.

    But I'm still here writing.

    I'm 26 27 28 29 30 31 and I've yet to get caught up in something else, which is kind of a big deal for a chronic procrastinator.

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    Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Archive for the 'story scooping' Category

Let me tell you a story. In person.

21 Mar 2012

Now’s your chance to see Lance live. For those of you in St. Pete/Tampa/Sarasota, I’ll be stepping out from behind the comforts of bloggyland to spin one of my yarns into a microphone (gulp), in front of a crowd (gulp) Friday night at Creative Loafing’s Story Time, Volume 2: Fate and Fortune at the CL [...]

A journalist’s liner notes

20 Feb 2012

Back in December, I interviewed Toby Perlman, the wife of violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman. It was a phone interview and Henry started whimpering in his crib midway through it. I was having a bad day. I was stressed and sleep deprived. I had dried baby vomit on my shirt. I was swigging cold coffee and [...]

Best. Mag. Ever.

15 Sep 2010

Say hello to Jane. If you’ve not met, let me properly introduce you: Jane was the BEST magazine ever. This issue –– the PREMIERE issue –– was (and still is) my favorite issue of any magazine ever. Jane is why I became a journalist. Jane and Mark Twain and a couple of other things. But [...]

In the meantime

06 Jan 2010

… if you want to read the stuff I write for a living. This story came out today. And this one made me happy. It came out before Christmas with the photo of the young saxophonist below. Both photos are mine. These two guys should hold you over for about five minutes. You see how [...]

My red carpet needs vacuuming.

21 Jul 2009

Sigh. It’s been 11 days since I last posted. I’m all clogged up. I need some brain drain-o. When I get my hands on some, I’ll be back with entertaining stories. I promise.  In the meantime, let it be said that tonight I beat Joe 500 to 265 at Rummy. I shall sleep like a [...]

There’s fairy dust on my keyboard.

30 Mar 2009

My mother told me this when she and my dad were out visiting last week. It was the first time I’d heard this story and I thought it explained a great deal everything: When I was about five years old, I moseyed into my bedroom with an ice cream come. You know the type that come [...]

Yo, Yoko?

25 Mar 2009

My interview with Yoko Ono ran in Tampa’s Creative Loafing this week. Check it out here. And thanks to everyone who e-mailed and posted questions. I went over the moon when she talked about the day John Lennon learned she wasn’t a virgin. – PS. Illustration by fairy-jeraimi.

What would you ask Yoko?

01 Mar 2009

I‘m interviewing Yoko Ono tomorrow about John Lennon’s artwork. I’m looking for question suggestions. Thanks!Heidi – PS. Sketch is United We Stand, by John Lennon. PPS. Happy 60th day of the year.

11 people I’ve interviewed in Sarasota

06 Sep 2008

Divine guidance can be found in a reporters notebook. … “No one ever wanted to ride with us in the winter because we only had two blankets. And in the summer, when temperatures reached 95 degrees, we choked from the heat because the car didn’t have air conditioning.” – Roberta Tengerdy, with husband Tom, on [...]

The naked part was easy.

17 Jun 2008

This is a story I wrote for my paper that was scooped before publication by the big hairy daily in town. Since it never saw the light of day, here’s an unfinished version:  STRIPPERELLA, Feb. 18, 2008 Let’s play a word association game. I say a word. You say what immediately comes to mind. I [...]

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